Inspection of forklifts

Inspection of forklifts

By the Dutch act on working conditions (Arbo) you are obliged in the Netherlands to maintain a yearly periodical safety check. The inspection of forklifts is a yearly periodical safety check of labour material, such as your forklift. Van Keulen Heftrucks B.V. can carry out the safety check for you. We are associated at the industry organisation Fedecom.

The VA safety quality check for labour materials ensures:

  • Yearly periodical safety check
  • Objective check according to the highest quality standards
  • Experienced and competent inspectors
  • Checking system with internal checks
  • Solid checking company guaranteed.
  • Inspection of all brands

Many of the used forklifts we sell have been serviced by us for several years. This enables us to advice you to your specific demand, since the history of many of the forklifts is known to us.

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